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Horror never dies
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The newest in my gallery.

Not sure why i made it a slideshow or why i care if my arts shown. hmm :B

Random from Favourites


Dysfunctional-H0rr0r has started a donation pool!
1,231 / 16,000
I take :points: commissions but due to me not feeling as though i'm "pro" enough for that i will kindly only allow friends this and/or if you consider me good enough i'll do it.

I will take them for free too, any amount.
Help's keep my PM going .3.

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My art status wall + working on

Commissions: I do take them, but i don't demand them. I priced depending on what you want, i don't have much of a restriction on it. P.s. I take :points: Not cash, i'm not pro enough for cash -n-
Requests: I take them for my friends and Watchers (Don't just add me for one though, I WILL NOT take kindly to that shit -.-* ) Random strangers have a limit of one though.
Kiriban: Don't do it nor do i care much for it -3-
Art trades: Strictly Friends only, Sorry <:
Anything else: Ask me in a note :3
Restrictions i do have: OcX Ooc Cannon, Some Sexual Content, Hate art, Animated (Cause i suck at it), ect. (Might have more i can't think of atm)

What i might be working on right now:

~A Living Hell (My own mixed up story), No More Child's Play (My old chucky fic revamped), Fraken Liu (Comic i'm planning), other stories/fanfics/comics i'm planing for the future
~My own Creations (Oc's, Characters, ect.)
~A request and art trades i owe
~Meme's i've been wanting to do
~short comics i do
~Original Species
~Ref sheets
~Commissions from Flight Rising
~Updating my Flight Rising Hatchery (Mainly the pairings)
~Gift art
~DA Commissions, AT's or Collabs

My dragons and other click me stuffs~


~A group with more PLZ account icons:… ~ :iconidococaineplz::icondrrocksoplz::iconidococaineplz::icondrrocksoplz::iconevilfaceplz::iconevilgrinplz::iconfreakygrinplz::iconikilleditplz::icondeathfaceplz::evillaugh::icongamzeeraveplz::iconheresgamzeeplz::iconpedogamzeeplz::icongamzeelovesyoutooplz::iconawesomegamzeeplz::icongamzeeexcitedplz::iconflushedgamzeeplz::iconhandsomegamzeeplz::iconbucketfaceplz::icongamzeecameplz::icongamzeethrustplz::icongamzeegasmplz::iconbucket-plz::icongamzeewutplz::iconawesomegamzeeplz::iconhonkplz::iconhighbloodwhatplz::icongamzeemehplz::iconfaygoremembersplz::icongrubfuckerplz::icongamzeeseesplz::icongamzeeheartplz::iconclassygamzeeplz::iconcodpieceplz::iconpappapplz::iconshooshplz::iconhighbuttplz::icongamzeesmileplz::iconsubjugglatorplz::icongamzeenotimpressed::icondatgamzeeplz::iconlolgamplz::iconhawnkplz::iconhonkyeaplz2::icongamzeerageplz::icongamzeeraegplz::icongamzeebroplz::icongamzeedanceplz::icongamzeemakaraplz::icongamzeedealwithitplz::icongamzeerapeface-plz::icongamzeerapefaceplz::iconsadgamzeeplz::icongamzeeshowdownplz::icongamzeestareplz::icongamzeegustaplz::icongamzeeimaginationplz::iconcutegamzeeplz::icongamzeegotosleepplz::icongamseesplz::icongamzeenoplz::icongamzeemiraclesplz::icongamzeeplz::icongamzeelovesyoutooplz::icongamzeelolplz::icongamzeeishappyplz::iconhonkyeaplz::iconinsanegamzeeplz::iconlolgamzeeplz::iconmiraculouslygamzee::iconmiraclesplz::iconneeds-serious-help::iconpervyhighbloodplz::iconpervykurlozplz::iconpervygamzeeplz::iconseizuregamzeeplz::iconsobergamzee::iconsobergamzeeplz::iconsuggestivegamzeeplz::icontc---gamzee-makara::iconkurlozplz::iconyaymrwidemouthplz::iconyaypencilneckplz::iconyaylonlinessplz::iconyaypigbearmanplz::iconyaypurinplz::iconyayeyelessjackplz::iconyaycharonplz::iconyaycousinragdollplz::iconyaylittlemarcyplz::iconyaybarbiedotaviplz::iconyayhoracehorribleplz::iconyayevilzeeteeplz::iconyayzeeteeplz::iconyayslayerrainbowdash::iconyaygayzalgoplz::iconyaymacabremacintosh::iconyaycreepybloomplz::iconyaybaronplz::iconyayhabitplz::iconyayteddy-plz::iconyaybloodygirplz::iconyayskintakerplz::iconyayrealsmiledogplz::iconyayhappyappyplz::iconyayuboaplz::iconyaybobplz::iconyaytheobserverplz::iconyayherobrineplz::iconyaydeadbartplz::iconyaysplendormanplz::iconyaytherakeplz::iconyayhoodyplz::iconyaymaskyplz::iconyayglitchyredplz::iconyaycreepyblackplz::iconyaypinkamenaplz::iconyaybrvrplz::iconyayendermanplz::iconyaysuicidemouseplz::iconyayzalgoplz::iconyaybenplz::iconyaysmilejeffplz::iconyayspongebobbootleg::iconyaysquidwardsuicide::iconyaytailsdollplz::iconyaygrinnycatplz::iconyaylostsilverplz::iconyayslendermanplz::iconyaysmiledogplz::iconyayjeffthekillerplz::iconjeffthekillerplz::icongotosleepplz::iconjeff-the-killer::icondatknifeplz::iconjeffisnothappyplz::iconjeffthekillerishappy::iconretardedjeffplz::icongotopotatoplz::iconjeffderpfaceplz::iconjeffthegwahplz::iconjeffomgyayplz::iconjeffthedummyplz::iconjeffthekillerlaplz::iconjeffthekillerjizzplz::iconmanfacejeffplz::iconmanfacebenplz::icondatjeffplz::icondatproxyplz::iconsmiledogdatassplz::icondatuboaplz::icondatlinkplz::iconsmiledogplz::icongamzeegotosleepplz::iconexcitedlinkplz::iconeddieriggsplz::iconaludansenplz::iconripdansenplz::iconintegradansenplz::iconwalterdansenplz::icongirlydansenplz::iconbrutalfacepalmplz::icontheguardianofmetal::iconpolicegirlplz::iconfrenchpervplz::iconmanwomanplz::iconalutongueplz::iconnolifekingplz::iconexcitedalucardplz::iconalucardrapefaceplz::iconalucardragefaceplz::iconthemajorplz::icongirlycardplz::iconhappywalterplz::iconschrohappyplz::iconthecaptainplz::iconsamararaveplz::iconbenraveplz::iconjeffthekillerraveplz::iconjeffnotkillerraveplz::iconliuraveplz::iconbobraveplz::iconrakeraveplz::icongrinnyraveplz::iconsuicidemouseraveplz::iconendermanraveplz::icontailsdollraveplz::iconfailcardplz::iconhappyalucardplz::iconpedoalucardplz::icontrollucardplz::iconalucardrapefaceplz::iconjeffomgyayplz::iconjeffomgwantplz::iconjeffthekillerissad::iconpervybenplz::iconpervydamienplz::iconjeffisstartledplz::iconjeffpedosmile::iconjeffthekillerwtfplz::iconjefftardguitarplz::iconmexicanjeffplz::iconjefflekiller::icongo-to-hellplz::iconjeffthegwahplz::iconjeffeweplz:

~Feel free to tell me more i haven't added yet~


[Data Extracted]
Artist | Student | Varied
---Been on DA since: Nov. 10 2010--- My first account was deactivated due to me moving to this one.

don't click this link...

Welcome! Pixel Chucky by crockalley

You may be sitting there wonder who i am or how you stumbled upon this horrific DA page...Well not sure how you found me but i will painfully endure the explanation of who the hell i am...  Its [Data Extracted] but for now yo

I'm very, open minded, dark minded, split minded, dysfunctional minded and all over the place always. I am shy at times but don't worry in the mean time i will open up to you, given you hang around that long anyways.
I consider myself a Gothling or Baby bat. I know most say labels aren't for people but eh, what the fuck else do i use to explain myself? Yes, i do curse most of the time on accident and sometimes intentionally or unconsciously. For that i apologize in advanced if you don't like it. Well unless you invoked my wrath, then i'm not sorry ;P Wrath is my deadliest sin hehe~

I'm a self taught artist. Art is basically in my blood because of my long line of artists in the family. I wish to some day try each, and every media and one day do the one i love most as a job but still be able to do other medias as well.

I day dream always and are constantly plagued by nightmares when i do get sleep. I have insomnia so chnaces are i'm online most of the time. Either from my insomnia or other disorders i fight with daily i will almost always have stuff to mutter about or groan under my breath from. Don't mind me, I just say crap when i'm feeling chatty or when i want to talk. I'm not very good at talking either so chances are the subject will shift or i won't say much, not your fault at all. I'm very antisocial so talking isn't a strong suit for me.

I have many interests but my main ones are: Horror, Art, Stories and Historical serial killers, I got a real soft spot for killers. Mostly the ones with a bulling past. Which stems from the fact i was/still am bullied. The bullying has deceased in school area from the multiple schools i was switched to until my recent one took me in and so far kept it away. I still how ever face it in public...And because of the trama i endured i avoid the outside world as much as i possibly can.

I'm friendly, wonderful, open minded, creative, sweet, shy, crazy and fun to be around. I don't tolerate internet assholes and will 99% of the time be there to kick those people away from who matter to me. How ever, there is many faces to me and depending how i'm treated is going to depend on which one you meet. I can be a cruel and black hearted person if i'm treated like dirt. I will fight with you until one of us is sick of it. I will defend if i find one of my friends upset by what you did or say to them and it will not be pretty. I will comfort when needed most and make you smile and laugh to make it better. As i said, pick your mask wisely with me.

I'm not too into Anime, i read a lot of scary stories (Ex: Creepy Pasta, ect.), I have a few fandoms i'm in (Ex: Homestuck, Horror, Minecraft, ect.), I love watching classic horror flicks but i'm not a remake or new film fan (Unless i find it interesting and/or watched it), I'm pretty old skool, i act older then i really am, i watch cartoons always (Older ones mainly), I have horrible memory, i hardly color my art because it takes too long (Or until i find a better solution to the problem), I'm a gamer but i only have a PC right now (Games i refuse to play: War type games, space type games, sport type games ((Except wrestle mania or something)), pro racing games, any games with complex controls or take forever), My music preference ranges from: Rock to metal to classic to classic rock to just about everything simular (I HATE Country, hip hop, (C)rap , complex opera, ect.).

Anything else ask me i suppose or talk to me to know more~

~Feel Like a SirLadyMadamGent~

I'm lazy. by World-Hero21: please do remind me but don't do it too much or i'll get pissed off and annoyed.
WARNING: Faves w-o COMMENTING by Emo-Girl-AlexaUchiha: I do this a LOT but sometimes i will comment, depends on my spazz-e-ness .3.

My goofy-goober-Bro: :iconpkmntrainerjeff:

My lovie: :iconxchuckyx:

mY bEaSt BrOsKi: :iconxdamienthorn666x:

My BrOsKiS bEaUtY: :iconraynee-neff:

My Devil-Daddy: :iconsatannicklas666:

ǝƃɐd ɹnoʎ oʇuo sIɥʇ ǝʇsɐd puɐ ʎdoɔ 's
ʎɐs sɥʇ ʇɐɥʍ ʇno ǝɹnƃIɟ oʇ ɥƃnouǝ ʇɹɐɯs
ǝɹɐ noʎ ɟI

Best artist ever--->

Hamachi Minecraft Server

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 26, 2014, 3:00 PM
Things-Not-Seen l Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me l Journal Skins: How-To

I have one.

If you'd like to get the info for the server and my hamachi network, let me know~
You can only join the server if its open of course on my computer which sucks but eh, better then nothing right?
Too bad we can't play with mods and at some point i'll go find out how to get some plug ins for it.

So uh, yeah.

If you dont have hamachi download the unmanaged version here:…
From there all you have to do is open it, hit the power button and probably have to make an account or something but its fairly quick and no hassel at all.

You dont need hamachi open while on the server but you do need to make sure your connected to my network and your hamachi is online. X'ing out won't turn hamachi offline either so dont worry.

Note me for my Hamachi network info and Server IP.


CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Image from…
Journal Doll~Draven by RoomsInTheWalls Pc Series Gamzee By Newblood96 by Dysfunctional-H0rr0r Pc A Rav3nz Roz32 By Newblood96-d5ndzl1 by Dysfunctional-H0rr0r Pc A Rav3nz Roz3 3 By Newblood96 by Dysfunctional-H0rr0r

I have a naming question, please dont bother clicking if your not gonna be helpful. 

6 deviants said Vanator Maldrake
3 deviants said Jager Maldrake
3 deviants said Or keep with Zackery Maldrake (Which is my Slayer creations name but im changing the first, just want opinions)
2 deviants said <s.o.m.b.y.f.c.s.d.w.g.a.h>



Nov 28, 2014
10:51 pm
Nov 28, 2014
5:44 pm
Nov 28, 2014
5:42 pm
Nov 28, 2014
5:14 pm
Nov 28, 2014
4:55 pm

Where else to find the Horror~

My PLZ Account(s) ((Never on)):
:icongamzeeraveplz::iconmanlymrchairplz::iconskintakerplz::iconraxxwthplz: (I have more i just forgot most of them)
Other DA Account(s) ((Rarely On)):
:iconxchuckyxtiffanyx666::icondysfunctional-h0rr0r::iconhorror-freak-13: :iconfreakxshowx666: :iconbadxomenx666::icongore-whore-666: <---my base account
My ASK account(s) ((Hardly On anymore except Jeffzee's)):
Contacting me on other websites info:

My Weasyl:…

My Chatroom: (Password is almost always needed for entry) I use given that i rarely need use of a chatroom they're always deleted so ask me to open one or wait for me to post something about in via journal/ect.

My emails: and many more i forgot.

My contact me on commisions/ect. and paypal email: AND (<---I forgot the C in this one) Both D and H are lower case for both though.

My Tumblr(s):

My MATURE Tumblr: horrorafterhoursisl00d.tumblr.…

My Main Tumblr:

My Main Youtube:…

My Facebook:…

My VampireFreaks: ( I'm extremely new there so...<: )

My Twitter: (I dunno what to do there or anything soo.....)

My account username on chuckyholics is: XskitzoxdollyX <---No longer active site

Pride Of Chucky:…

I have: Mikogo 4 and Join.Me and a LiveStream Account (…

My Xfire: horror1313

My Steam username: skitzo_dolly

My Flight Rising account:…

My multiple Atix/whateveritscalled gaming account where you can find some of their games i play:…

My minecraft username: XFEAR_MIESTERX (Might change ones username update comes)
-also have an account on Minecraft-Forum and Planet Minecraft

My Squiby account:

My redbubble:…

My Etsy:…

~Any other sites/programs ask about to see if i have one~


Pet Rock :iconfurbearingbrick:
Demonic Puppet Pal :iconham-b0ne:
Nepeta Clone :icontouchmylexicon66:
GAOT BROH :iconhell-hxund:
Cousin who sells Nightmares :iconbayangan13:
Pervy Wallaby Dingo :iconohmyslaughterparty:
The Family Ghost Goat :iconcupcakecuddles:
Bro from school :iconjakelovescakexx:
Sister from another family :iconshadowchaser12:
My Antidepressants <3 :iconseppula:

My DA Contacts (These are people i can go to if i need to talk or something, more serious type of thing):
:icon58bluemarbles: :iconpkmntrainerjeff: :iconzembalan: :iconlivviebrundle: :iconagentblackblood:

( If you'd like to be added just note me and stuff. You can be on either of them or Both if you prefer ^^ )

Hey you!

Ehm, Why not take this here test and see if you're a friend or just another watcher for odd personal reasons you chose for watching me?


Confused you didn't i?


see you around 12 pm.




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